Easter at First Baptist

Easter is the Christmas Story, Part Two.

Maybe you've heard it described this way. It certainly rings true. Christ came as a baby to die as a Savior. The whole purpose of Jesus coming was to sacrifice His life, defeat death, and carve a new pathway of salvation for us. What's not to celebrate about that?

This Easter season, we challenge you to examine what Jesus is to you - is He a good man, a powerful ruler, a martyr - or is He MUCH more?

We hope you'll take advantage of all our events First Baptist has to offer, using them to examine who Jesus is and why He is truly worthy of our praise!

Easter Services

We hope you'll join us Easter Sunday morning as we celebrate a RISEN and VICTORIOUS Savior! Here's our Sunday morning schedule:

  • 9:00am Join us in our fellowship hall for breakfast snacks and drinks and take advantage of our fabulous Easter Photo Booth! You'll also want to get here during this time to get a good seat for our service.
  • 9:30am During our fellowship time, you'll be able to bid on various pieces of Easter artwork our members have submitted celebrating Easter. All proceeds go to our national missions work through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.
  • 10:15am The service will include our Easter Choir, time of worship and an encouraging message celebrating Jesus our Lord. You'll be out and on your way to enjoy Easter lunch with family by 11:30!

NOTE: Use this link to connect with us on FACEBOOK and get regular updates on our events.


Other Events of Easter 2023

Easter art show

Are you artistic? Do you like drawing, building, writing, painting? He's your opportunity to use those talents and serve the Kingdom of God!

We are looking for ALL kinds of art projects depicting the crucifixion and resurrection story. Get your project done by March 31 and we'll use it in our Good Friday event.

Contact Andrew Skinner for details and ideas for inspiration!

Easter Choir

Rehearsals every Mondays in March from 6:30-7:00pm 

We'd love for you to join our Easter Sunday Choir! Rehearsals are only 30 minutes on Mondays and include 4 celebration songs you'll love! The choir will perform on Easter Sunday morning.

Good Friday Prayer and communion Labyrinth

Friday, April 7 from 4:30-6:30pm

This has become a special time for everyone who attends!

Once you arrive, you'll navigate ten different prayer and meditation stations on your own, that will focus your heart and mind on Christ's sacrifice. You'll end the time with a family communion.

Each station will have hands-on projects for adults and kids.