At FBC Stuttgart, children matter and our ministries prove it! We believe that a child’s spiritual development is the basis for all other areas of development. So we are committed to providing the very best ministries to assist each child in taking their next step toward loving God and beginning a genuine relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus. In addition to providing opportunities for learning about God and His love, we provide opportunities for children to worship God, serve the church, and show God’s love to people in our community and around the world!

In each of our ministries you will find student and adult volunteers loving children and encouraging them on their journey of becoming “fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”

FBC Stuttgart has a passion for teaching children about God and missions. Our Mission programs are designed to teach children about the need for missions at home, in the U.S. and around the world through Mission Friends (Kindergarten Boys & Girls), Girls in Action (1st-6th grade Girls) and Royal Ambassadors (1st-6th grade Boys).

Mission programs meet on Wednesday nights from 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Children learn about missionaries around the world who are serving God by giving their time, talents and energy to make sure that others know about Jesus Christ. The children learn how to be a missionary at home by participating in mission projects. They are also encouraged to grow in Christ while learning Bible memory verses and studying God’s Word.

For more information contact FBC Stuttgart (870-673-6952) or email Andrew Skinner.